From Lack of Clarity & Fear of the Unknown to

All In Doing the Thing!

Coaching for creative entrepreneurs who have great ideas (but not creating any money from them) to clarity on what to create and how you're going to launch and soar to creative time and financial freedom

Replace Self Doubt & Fear

Gain Clarity & Confidence

Earn $ Doing What You Love

Our Approch

Our coaching approach is rooted in empathy, trust, and a deep understanding of human potential. We believe that everyone has unique strengths and talents waiting to be unleashed. Whether you're seeking creative growth, improved relationships, career advancement, or a better creative work-life balance, we're here to help you achieve your goals.

Does Being a Creative Entrepreneur

Seem Like Just a Wild Dream?

Reaching for new heights in our aspirations & our business goals can often create these 4 common struggles


Lack of Clarity

You feel like you have great ideas but not sure what one is right to implement or what that looks like for you


Self Doubt

You're overwhelmed by the to do list, not sure what to prioritize and if you know to do next and if you have what it takes.



How will it turn out, what will people think? You're afraid of failure as much as success and the responsibility that comes with.



You create excuses and distractions from actually just doing the thing. It's leaving you feeling stuck and disappointed.

I've Been There!

Melissa Bloom,

Creative Business Consultant

Creative Confidence Coach

Creator of Hello Honey & Multiple Creatively Driven Successful Businesses

I wanted to introduce myself and let you know you are not alone, and I know first hand all of the struggles

of the creative mind and entrepreneurial spirt & that's why I wanted to create a program to help others like myself,

who was once stuck, get unstuck.

I want to give you the tools & confidence to share your passions, your gifts

& your light with the world.

When I tell you I get it, I genuinely mean it. For a long time I was an overwhelmed, stressed about responsibility,

single mom of 3 wasting hours a day just taking all of the kids to school, that's not my idea of fun.

I worried, thinking to myself

"WTH am I going to do?"

I was just making ends meet for a long time, all while trying to heal from the trauma

that had totally destroyed my self-confidence & self worth.

Not doing anything I was

passionate about.

Not making a huge impact in the world. Completely Uninspired.

My life felt like S**T to say the least, I felt stuck.

Still, there was a calling within myself to be my own boss and to create beautiful things along the way.

I wasn't just a mother, I wasn't just a worker bee.

I was & I am way MORE Than That

& I knew deep down that I didn't want to settle or be the status quo.

I craved a life full of passion, love & light mixed with tons of


Call me crazy - but I knew what I wanted deep down & without it I knew I would never feel good.

I wanted more than anything to be truly fulfilled & financially secure.

I knew I needed to do



I had to make radical shifts, take huge risks, and most importantly mindfully put into practice

techniques that I learned in my relentless quest to,

just be authentically me

with no apology

-and feel good doing it!

That changed the game for me & provided me a life of creative freedom & security.

I am so grateful for everything life has gifted me.

I have packed everything I have learned along the way into my agency, courses & my coaching.

I would love to share these gifts with you & have you join me inside.

Together We Can Level Up Your Creative Mind & Design the Life & Business of Your Wildest Dreams

  • Discover your creative calling and brand strategy that is in alignment with your message

  • Create brand design and messaging that attracts your ideal clients with ease.

  • Develop a customized step by step marketing plan that you will actually love to implement

  • Become a go to authority in your area of genius

Everyone is Worthy of Growth

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Before I started life coaching with Melissa, I felt stuck and overwhelmed in both my career and personal life. The guidance and support I received were truly life-changing. My coach helped me set clear goals, reframe my mindset.


I've always been a skeptic about coaching, but my experience with Melissa has been nothing short of extraordinary. The coaching sessions allowed me to explore my inner self, confront deep-seated fears.


I was at a point in my life where I felt disconnected from my loved ones, and it was taking a toll on my happiness. Melissa provided me with the tools to improve my communication and emotional intelligence.


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What is life coaching, and how does it work?

Life coaching is a dynamic and collaborative process focused on helping individuals identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. It involves a series of one-on-one sessions with a trained life coach who provides guidance, support, and accountability. Coaches use a variety of techniques and tools to help clients gain clarity, set actionable goals, and develop strategies to overcome challenges. The coaching process is highly personalized, tailored to each individual's unique needs and aspirations, and it empowers clients to make positive changes in their lives.

How long does a typical coaching engagement last?

The duration of a coaching engagement can vary based on individual goals and needs. Some clients find value in a few sessions focused on specific issues or challenges, while others may engage in longer-term coaching to achieve more substantial personal or professional transformations. Typically, a coaching relationship may last anywhere from a few months to a year or longer. It's essential to discuss your objectives and expectations with your coach to determine the best timeline for your coaching journey.

What makes Hello Honey Creative Coaching different from other coaching services?

Hello Honey Creative Coaching distinguishes itself through a client-centric approach that prioritizes your unique needs and goals. Our experienced coaches are dedicated to providing a supportive and empathetic environment that fosters growth and transformation. We also offer a wide range of coaching specialties, ensuring that you receive the expertise that aligns with your specific objectives, whether they involve personal development, career advancement, or relationship improvement. Additionally, our commitment to flexibility means that our coaching adapts to your pace and preferences, ensuring a transformative experience tailored just for you.